ok so here's the deal. i've been playing for about 2 years off and on just whenever the mood strikes me. due to lack of practice and time restraints(school and work and so forth) i haven't been progressing very well as a guitarist. mainly i play as a rythm guitarist when i jam with my friend and i let him bother with all the lead work. anyways on to the point. this is an excerpt from a tab for 'Wish You Were Here' that i have. this is a part of the intro solo. what i don't understand is what the #'s in the brackets represent. for example 5b(7)r5p3. i get the fact that i have to bend the 5 but what the funk is that 7 for? any help is appreciated.

   Em7       A7sus4

   Em7            A7sus4              G
Nowadays all the songs on the radio, all drive me crazy.
5b(7) means play the 5th fret (E in this case) and bend it up to an F#. F# would be what you'd hear at the 7th fret.
thanks. got another question. what do you suggest i do to help me become more accustomed to lead work. i know about practicing scales till your fingers bleed onto the strings and learning songs that consist of this sort of stuff. but i've never been the type of person who knows how to practice. basically i can't keep a training regime for very long. i am a fast learner, i just need some direction.
Nowadays all the songs on the radio, all drive me crazy.
Have a look at this thread.


About half way down a poster called AngilasGuy posts links to loads of sites that will help.