ok i know gold connectors on anything electrical make the connection better. and ive seen these guitar cables with gold connectors for like $40, so i was on radioshack.com and saw u could buy them for $4 each and i was thinking of buying two for my guitar cable. is this a good idea? i mean will my cable sound as clean as those $40 ones? thanks
there will be less resistance in the circuit, but its not a huge differance, 40$ for a chord isnt worth it, nore is making your own, but if you wanna try, do it!
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unless the wiring in your amp and guitar is all gold, as far as i know it makes no difference whatsoever (well atleast thats what my physics teacher told me)
All the gold connectors give you is a greater protection against corrosion. It's used in (relatively) good quality headphones. But really, a guitars sound isn't likely to noticeably improve with gold connectors, especially since it's a 1/4" jack. Even expensive (over 100$) headphones with 1/4" jacks don't always have gold connectors.

It's just an advertising gimmick.

Buy one good cable, with a capacitance that you like, and stick to it


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