The King of the land,
The funny man,
The dancing lord of all absurd.

The Overlord of puns,
The man of funny runs,
The King of hoax and jokes.

The Ruler of all pranks,
The Regal Jester in the ranks,
King of laughter, microphone sceptre.

The walking punchline,
The man of perfect time,
The God of joy, the dancing boy.

I am the Jester King,
I rule and dance and sing,
Bow down before my hand,
I shall sing across the land.

Thanks for any criticism in advance, I will crit back!
I'm nonplussed... all I can think of to say is... that was original? haha, umm... I liked the microphone scepter line, thought that was pretty creative... other than that, I don't know how to crit this...

Sad mod is me.

My latest is Politic-tac-toe if you want to return this shitty comment
haha thanks Troy, I came up with it because I mentioned being a Jester King as a joke, so decided to theme around that, I'm not too sure about it gto be honest but the more i write the more practise I have, and this 124 and counting haha...

i will crit it later possibly
im slightly busy right now, but tomorrow i should be able to!