Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm dying to try and figure out which guitar processor would work best for me and my situation. My band is just starting to gig, and i'd like to beef up my effects capabilities. I currently don't own any pedals other then a simple Boss distortion pedal. The studio we practice at has crappy amps, and my amp isn't all that either (Small Tec) - though i do have a descent Fender Ultimate Chorus amp back home that i'd like to use eventually. Either way, I figure it would be good to get some "amp modeling" as well out of my processor - though all I'm really interested in is having a heavy, quality distortion sound, as well as a sweet clean sound, with the ability to have fun experimenting with some other effects while at it that i can throw in while on stage and recording.

So what would you suggest - the Boss GT-8, the VOX Tonelab, or the Pod XT Live??

Really appreciate any help here...