Right, Im a 15 year old kid, grade 4 piano, and I really want to learn to play electric guitar. I know the basics, I can read any sort of music, I just cant play a guitar. I need the downright basics.

Can anyone tell me any good ways of learning how to play? I have all the time in the world, I just wanna learn.
i think u need lessons for guitar if u cant figure out that you press down on the strings on the neck and pluck the strings
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Check out the lessons on this site, theyre pretty good in most cases. You have a slight advantage in your previous musical knowledge, so you should get on fine, just keep on trying at it and never stop enjoying it!

Learn a few techniques and simple songs first (I reccommend Bends, HammerOns, PullOffs and Sliding, the songs will be dependant on music you like)
if you want to be really good, use your pinky as much as possible while learning and dont play nirvana non stop once you learn.....the lack of those two things really set me back when learning some 'tallica or ac/dc. took me a while to fix the problem......
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