i've been playing guitar for a couple of months and today i went to play my takamine acoustic and i noticed a chunk missing out of the nut on the E string. i think my dog might have done it because i had it laying on my bed for a little while one day.

here is the damage (sorry for the somewhat blurry pic but you get the point):

is there anyway to fix this? do i have to get it professionally done? any idea on the cost?

sorry i'm pretty new to guitar and i have no idea about this stuff so i realy appreciate any help
a new nut is about $6, and id have a pro do it if you dont know how.
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well you have to get a new nut... now you may or may not know this but good nuts dont come precut... there usually made out of bone or plastic... so heres what i suggest... take your guitar to get a new nut made for you... now usually the store will install it free but if not you can do it yourself...

nuts arent held on to well... this is done intentionally because nuts do break and wear and they need to be replaced so using super glue would be pointless and possibley hurt your guitar when you need to replace another nut.... so a little bit of wood glue will do...

i usualy get a cue-tip and dip it in wood glue and apply sparingly... just enough to hold it on there... make sure the nut is flush with the neck... let it dry for an hour or two and then restring the guitar... i just had a similar problem and i fixed it and my guitar sounds great...

if you have any questions email me at lazyboi3908@comcast.net

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thanks for the responses guys

do you have any idea how much labor is to install this?

also where do they do this? guitar center?
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Most any music store would probably do it. You could try looking for luthiers in the yellow pages, too. That's where I found the guy I usually go to to work on my guitars.
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the nut on my tak is needs to be replaced also, and i asked the local music shop dude said it'd cost 12 for labor and cost of part..so that should give u a rough estimate...

ps: am i getting ripped off?