Hey everyone,

I'm interested into blues playing and now I'm trying to think of fresh ways of playing the blues without having to resort to the same basic pentatonic scale licks. I'm really interested in playing fast yet tasteful blues that doesn't sound like the same stale pentatonic runs. To achieve this, I was thining about adding in some arpeggios. Since a lot of blues play under a basic 12-bar 3-chord progression such as Adom7, Ddom7, and Edom7, i was wondering what tasteful arpeggios AND modes I could use under these.

I tried using the Dominant 7th argpeggio but it doesn't really sound very bluesy. Is there anything else I can use. Also, various ideas as to how to create more unique blues playing is totally welcome.
Just appregiate the chords you are using. Or appregiate the harmony of the chords you are using.

The blues doesn't have to always sound bluesy.

"The blues have got to change or they will disappear." - Carl Weathersby

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Arpeggio's are used all the time over the I, IV V chords. I'll use them all over the
place as any good blues player would.

Of course, as with anything, it takes some skill to use them well.

Playing Blues is SO much more than just using a pentatonic/blues scale. If that's
all you use your solos will be kind of boring.

Mixolydian is a good mode over each of the I IV and V chords. Dorian can also
work well too.