Okay, so in the past 4 months I've been playing guitar, I've gotten very well. but In the past 3 or 4 weeks I havent really learned anything or gotten better. I play acoustic and electric(and I have a bass). I want to put the fun and challenge back in my playing. I can play songs, punk/rock/acoustic(not like john mayer, think bright eyes. dashboard confessional, brand new, alkaline trio). So I need someway to get back into learning new stuff and getting better. So guys, help me. I will write Ultimate-Guitar.com under my credits if I'm ever good enough to be in a band .
Try learning something completely different. Something you'd never thought you'd be able to do, something that amazes you.

For examples I'm trying to teach myself tremelo picking at the moment, something I'm finding impossible but I can feel myself getting there.

Go for a song that has a different technique in it; tapping, pinch harmonics, melodic basslines ... the list goes on. That's how I progress anyway.

^I do the same, It also helps me to try to play a completely different type of music that I don?t really listen to...but that?s me