Hey, can I have a few good recommendations for rackmount compressors and eq's? Thanks everyone

I can't answer your question but oh my God... I think you are a prime example of someone having way too much gear haha.
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From some of my former posts...

For an all-around great compressor with all the features/settings you'll want, check out dbx 1066 (~$400).

If you're looking to spend less, the dbx 266XL (~$150) is also a great option.

For this price range, I'd pick dbx as a brand to go with. Both compressors are dual channel (stereo if need be), features normal compressor settings (threshold, ratio, attack, release, output gain), and a noise gate (threshold & ratio controls). The only "obvious" benefit of the 1066 over the 266XL, is that the 1066 features a controllable LIMITER on each channel; the 1066 is also considered more "eye pleasing", with more LED indicators & the such. The difference between them aside from obvious, is the 1066 contains higher quality chips and components. Don't get me wrong, they're both great, and the difference in the chips is only noticeable/an issue if you'll be using it in a rack at a studio, etc.


And another former post...

I like my Alesis so far; but as I said b4, lots of audiophiles (people who would give their life for the sake of audio quality, lol) hate the thing like crazy. They also hate Behringer with a passion, because unfortunately their rack stuff also has a tendency to break and stop working (I've even experienced this ). I'd caution against either of the two really (I probably wouldn't have asked for the Alesis if I had known about it before purchasing, but oh well).

If you are looking for a compressor that's good & decent, but a low cost, check out dbx. They actually have a wide variety of "bad", "good", and "perfect" compressors.

If you are looking for a nice top-of-the-line sound for live & studio use, dbx 160SL ($3,199.97 ):

Of course, you probably don't want to spend that much, so...

Next best thing for quality (both live and studio) would be the dbx 160A ($399.95)... this is a nice piece of gear:

The next best thing is either the dbx 1066 ($399.95) or dbx 1046 ($499.97); the only difference between the two is that the 1066 is 2 channels, while the 1046 is 4 channels. This model is "ok" for the studio, but is built more for live-use.

The next best thing is either the dbx 166XL ($249.97) or dbx 266XL ($149.97). These really shouldn't be used in the studio at all (quality for mastering, etc isn't here)... but it's perfect for live use (which is essentially what you'll need it for with a guitar rack). Both are 2 channels, and offer gating. The only difference between them is that the 166XL offers the function of a limiter, while the 266XL does not (I may be wrong, but that's what appears to be the difference). Either of these are probably your best options (for features & $$$), I just wanted to list the others so you know what else is out there.

If you're tight on money, go for the 266XL... the "limiter" function won't be that necessary for a guitar rig... but if you have the money, consider the 166XL, the limiter function could always come in handy down the road.

There are also other brands around this price range, but I haven't found their quality to be "on par" with dbx (at least for the price range of a couple/few/several hundred.... when you start going past $1,000... there's a lot of options that may be better than ones mentioned here that are over $1,000).


All in all... dbx is a great company to consider. For the money and value, they're the best I've seen. Most other compressors in the price range offer either inferior components or charge more... you're only really going to achieve better compression by going with a tube compressor or similar high end piece of equipment.

Now... as for EQs

I don't know. Haven't needed or used one, so my experience is limited. Alesis offers a 2 channel 60-something band EQ processor with a number of presets (and room for your own presets) for like $400 or so. I was pretty pleased using it, though it was only a day or two messing with it.
I use a DBX 266XL compressor. Cheap and works great.
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