hey all.

i recently bought an original crybaby wah pedal from a friend of mine. i also bought a 9 volt ac adapter for it. problem is, it's not turning on! I press it down, and then let it come back up, but it's not working. The cords are plugged in to the appropriate spots , everything is where it should be, is there something i'm not doing? (he didn't give me the manual..for some reason.)
Stomp harder?
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Yea, you have to press down pretty hard to turn it on. I suggest either putting a magnet on the switch or sticking a penny or something on it.
Being an original wah, you have to stomp hard enough so that you can feel it click.
okay, i do that and the volume instantly dies. The volume nob is on ten, i switched the cables around..anyone know what could be causing that problem?