ok, so i was thinking about buying an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus for 977.75 dollars Canadian...(that was with .15 percent tax included)...or, i was thinking about buying a ****ty strat...then stripping the body down, repainting my own awesome design...and putting new pickups in it (maybe DiMarzio EVO's or Super Distortion or boths)...it will have 3 single pickups..replacing the hardware...and maybe doing something about the neck, i would love to buy a secksy sleek new neck...and just the neck, but i dont know if thats possible...sao anyway, what do you guys think i should do, Mod a ****box?...or buy a hella nice Les Paul

any suggestions are great about the strat moddage idea!
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The problem with that is the body's quality. The wood it's made out of.

For what you want to do, I'd say build your own Warmoth guitar.
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Sheesh. I want to move wherever you live.
definitely go with the les paul.

even though you can modify a ****box to make it look and sound better, it still will play like ****.

overall, its just a better quality to get the paul... itll play and sound better.

its a bit more expensive but probably worth it
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Warmoth is so expensive, that he could buy an American Strat for the amout of money it will take him to get all the necessary Warmoth parts.

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yeah ^ what he said...anwyay...what if i was to buy like a Jay Turser or something..and start with that then mod it?...ahh i think ij stu want that les paul more...maybe later on down the road i will get a ****ty thing and mod it
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Go with a LP, or try the Warmoth suggestion. Even when it's upgraded, the Strat won't get very good tone because of the lousy body wood.
Or get an American Standard Strat on the cheap like I did ($650 new) and then mod it. I didn't repaint it, but I've changed mostly everything else. And I'm getting a new neck for it, I think. Probably an all birds eye maple from Warmoth.

Realistically, though, try looking for a body on Ebay or something. You can get something that's seriously cosmetically defective if you plan on refinishing it anyway.
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HAY, what if i was to go to a pawn shop or a music store and happen to find a guitar for about 100 bucks or 150, and its got what LOOKS like a maple neck, and if i ask what kind of body it is and he says basswood or some other cheap thing, what do you think?...i should get it?...and do you think replacing pickups would be a at home job?...or should i have it professionally done?
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Heh. Pickups are the easiest thing to change, next to the strings. Just have to have about $30 worth of stuff (besides the pickups themselves) and some patience. Oh, and enough sense not to touch the tip of your soldering iron.
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get the les paul (although you can get a much better guitar for the money when it comes to epi's).

the strat is probably made outa layered plywood and then sanded down and painted...and no thats not a joke. you'll never have the sustain, playability or sound you desire. at least epi les pauls have mahogony in them and when modded sound almost as good as a real gibson.
A strat and les paul sounds very very different, assuming you are going with an s/s/s compared to a h/h. Therefore you should decide what sound you want. That will narrow down your options.
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I'd say get a MIM Fender Strat, good body quality, and cheap enough that you will still be able to mod it
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if u want a good guitar wood u want a mahogany one piece wood body and one piece wood neck oe else if u change that pickups with a guitar with basswood or 3 piece maple wood neck
the sound will suck anyway
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why don't you buy the crappy strat and replace EVERYTHING on it including the body and the neck.

or, buy a decent strat in the first place.

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If it's your first time in the mod business, I'd get a P.O.S. guitar, as some might describe them, and "practice" on it first. Even doctors honed their skills on cadavers before treating real, live human beings. And you never know, you just might end up making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, as opposed to ruining a rig that cost you a grand.
What about a Jay Turser JT-300?...i think thats what it is...anyway it has a maple neck...and "solid body"...doesnt specify what kind it is but it hink thats good...and its only 200 bucks...think this would be good to mod?
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