me and my band are thinking of setting up a little rehearsel room in the drummers house. I just wanted some opinions in what to get for the microphones amp system.
what should I get? Recording is only secondary. We will be plugin in two mics. what's the best price-quality stuff out there?
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
carpet the walls? ive heard of people using egg boxes too
sm57 mics for recording..make sure you get clear levels for each membe, try micing them all individually!
You need a P.A. system. Depending how serious you are, your going to need two speakers, a Power Amp, a mixer and some mics. There are some good packages you can pick up just look online for p.a. packages.

SM57 for mics if it's in your budget, 100.00 a great mic used in almost every studio in the world I beleive.