I plan to do some recording over the summer but its not serious or anything so i dont want to spend that much money.

If i were to get a SM57 mic, could i plug guitars and the mics directly to the computer and record with a computer guitar cable or do i need something else between the instrument and the computer?
First of all, it would be ideal if you can offer a budget, Recording isn't cheap, and a budget is always helpful in determining which gear is right for you. The Sm57 is the best. This is a dynamic mic (dynamics are used for recording electric guitar, bass mostly) I have this one myself and it is the most popular recording mic out there. If you play acoustic and like to sing a condenser mic is what you are looking for, there are very sensitive which makes them good for acoustics and vocals. But if you play electric, this is the mic for you. Priced at $89, believe it or not, that price aint that bad for a mic, You can find good deals on Ebay. You do not want to send it straight into your computer, u can, but don't, the quality is crap since it runs through your sound card. It would ruin the quality of the Shure so you need something to plug ur mic and guitar into. This would be a USB audio interface. This is the cheapest way to go at the best quality. I personally think the best is the Toneport Ux1 priced at $130. If you wanna spend less, another good one would be the M-audio fasttrack at 99$. If you have anymore questions keep posting, Good Luck and hope this helps,


(You wanna read my posts in here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=352147 this will answer you questions about the mic, interface and more....)
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stop posting that, it really isnt helpful. its a crap way to record and gets poor results most of the time. i know because i do that here at school. recording with a mic and interface gives about 100x better results.

ok, on to the question. what you need depends on what you want to record, your computer, and your budget. if you have a desktop or laptop with firewire, firewire interfaces are supposed to be better. USB works fine for most people, but if you have firewire look into that. if you have a desktop, it is easy to install a firewire card and they are inexpensive. so just look into that and see if it works for you and fits your budget.

as guitaraphone said, a dynamic mic is great for recording your amp, but not as good for vocals or acoustic. a dynamic mic is better for those. a cheap one that works for that is the MXL 990, which i have not tried but it is supposed to be good and is very cheap. if you can only get one mic, and are mostly recording your electric, the SM57 is a great choice.

if you are getting a good mic, you probably should get some sort of interface. if you already have a sound card with XLR input or a soundcard that is great for recording, you should probably keep that. if not, definatly consider the inteface. i have an m-audio fast track, and it works very well. the toneports also get good feed back here, and you should also look into what else is in your budget. if you get something like the fast track, remember it only has one input so you can only record in mono. other interfaces have more inputs so you can record in stereo or record multiple things at once. this is good, but not really necessary if all you are recording is one guitar.

basicly, look into what is in your budget and figure out what you want to do with your gear. then come back and see what people recomend for your exact needs and budget.
Yea we really need a budget here to help you choose the best equipment
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