I have a Gibson LP Studio, and I'm gonna be looking into getting new strings soon. What do you think is the best brand? I play mainly classic rock, and have an aria 20watt amp (i don't think that matters, but i'm covering all bases..lol). i should be able to afford any, but i'd prefer not over $15.

its all personal stuff, the string type doesnt really affect your playing that much, it does, but its almost unnoticable

also you should know if youre the lord of the strings...

i use d'addario
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dude right now i'm wearin' some Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, but i'm gonna go back to DR Red Devils those strings rock (and it doesn't hurt that Alexi Laiho from C.O.B. uses them either )
I like ernie ball power slinky's.

bit too fat for some people though
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I use D'addario 9's too.
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ernie ball skinnny top heavy bottom and d'dario (or however the **** you spell it) red devils

bother are excellent sets
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