I have a fender hot rod deville 410 and I was wonderin how can I make it sound more metal? I know its not amp really made for metal but I cant return it and I dont have money to buy a marshall or something. New speakers? If so, which ones? Pre amp?Power amp? Pedals? Gear in sig

thanks in advanced

Price range; none. just recomend me some stuff please
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Get a boost for the amp like an Ibanez tubescreamer, I've heard it will push the amp into metal territory, or if you just want distortion I heard the proco rat is good.

p.s. pricerange?
id use a pedal. youre sig says you have a boss metal zone. why dont you use that?
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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id use a pedal. youre sig says you have a boss metal zone. why dont you use that?

i do use it
put a JJ high gain tube set in the amp........ive heard it will give you about 10% more gain and then put an OD in front of it......great amp by the way, i have the 2 12 version of it so i dont know how different the two sound
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yeah, high gain tubes will help a bit, but i would get an overdrive. Look into the Ibanez/maxon Ts-808 or Ts-9, or maybe a keeley modded boss sd-1. To push it even more you could try putting your metal zone on, cranking the level on it, but keeping the distortion down. this will help overdrive your amp but not add the distortion from the metal zone.
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