The siren's song invokes claustrophobia. Fearful masses,like sheep charge to death. Starless nights bring godless days, dark twighlight brings frost mans face, in time of earth's homicide, a Systematic slaughter takes place. Mans malice is the wind, that carries the firestorm in haste. Sing to me molovent shrieks, plea to me or become Unrecorded history.

God forbid us not, For if we are your unwanted children, so let this be. Cast onto us pain in beliefs of false bliss. Laws to long, most to pacific. Damnation to the godless saint, over that of the sloth thesis, In the end of Existences, to many innocent have been damned.

Children of tomorrows, hypocrisy of today,Repetition of today, cleansing of tomorrow. Bullets of liberation fly through Smoke, Penetration of flesh bone and soul, Slowly we are pissing it away. Lawless slaughter, anarchy, today is the day.

If you did not notice my lyrics on these kinda subjects and atmospheres are heavily inspired by Randy blythe, But nowhere are good. Be honest.
I'm gonna drive all night, take some speed. I'm gonna wait for the sun to shine down on me. I cut a hole in my roof in the shape of a heart snf I' goin' out west where they'll appreciate me"

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