since there is no other instrument forum yet, i'm wondering if anyone plays more than guitar or bass.

i play keyboard a bit, albeit **** playing, and i sing, again, it's ****.
i play anything that makes noise..... er except for wind instruments, i'm cr@p at those, but i find the better you become w/ a guitar/bass it will kinda go from one to the other, i can feel how a violin should be played and although my technique isn't perfect on one i can produce a smooth note (which take most violinist a year to learn how to do that "properly") as well as keyboards, i understand the relationship between the notes so i don't do anything extremely complicated but i could write a piece of music that was if i wanted to..... same for a cello and stand up bass (stand up basses kick a$$!!!!!)
I'm a saxophone player who also plays the guitar. I've done a few years in college as a baritone sax player and that's where I started playing guitar. I took a few years off and now I'm going back in the fall to finish my music degree. Woot! Goodbye comfortable independance, hello living with my parents til I'm 30.
I play guitar, bass, a little piano and I sing, but that's about it I can't do much more. I'm wanting to learn drums though.
besides the guitar and bass, i play the harmonica, the piano, the drums, the triangle and the pandorine (which are deceptingly hard, i used to be in a brazilian rythm band)
to me knowing a bunch of instruments is the ultimate high. they've all got their limits which piss me off lol

i can play trumpet, a bit of drums, pretty good at piano, bass is a fun new take on the guitar every once in a while.
I am reasonably proficient on bass, piano, trombone, baritone, and tuba. I can play trumpet if it's necessary but I have almost none of the upper range that is really needed.

I have tried teaching myself clarinet but I haven't gotten beyond learning notes.

I would also like to learn violin or maybe cello, as well as sax, but I don't have the money or time for those right now.
I don't even know what I play anymore.

Double Bass
Assorted Mallet Percussion
Alto and Tenor Saxophones

I'm efficient/proficient in all of these (except keyboard/piano).