I just bought one today. Sounds great. Comes with EMG 81 pickups, just wondering what you guys think of this guitar, like what type of music it's for, bcuz i play Metal, and Hard Rock. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
considering it has EMGs then yes, its gonna be pretty much a metal/hard rock only and even hard rock might be pushing as, EMGs aren't too good for cleans, but I doubt that'll be much worries to you.

I'm surprised they didn't go with a mahogany body instead of a maple/popular I heard those are more "brighter" woods and usually are geared more towards blues, jazz type music. Where as Mahogany has a more warmer full tone and work well with the crunchy emg81s.
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well, those are the kind of questions you might want to ask, BEFORE you go out and buy the guitar.

I have tried it out, and it should be great for metal and hard rock
I have the review of this guitar on Total Guitar Magazine. They gave them the "editor choice" or five stars. They said that is suited especially for Metal stuff.
EMGs are good if you're sticking to metal and hard rock. The clean tone isn't gonna give you a good bluesy/jazzy tone.