I have an ibanez prestige hardtail rga 121 in the natural finish.
i want to get it looking a bit better (only if u guys think its worth it) and was wondering wat minor and/or major adjustments i could do. Im going mostly for new looks but im thinking of gettinf new PUPs and pots. I play mostly black or death metal so i need help cuz it kinda looks un-metal. No stickers and im not experienced in woodwork but i can always get helped

Edit:: i want to know also if i can get it routed for an ofr, if so, how much, and also can i convert my neck to one with a locking nut. This is not a must but i would be cool and im starting to work soon so ill have MONEYH!!!! yay. (how expensive would routing be by a pro, or could i do it myself)
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thats a nice guitar youve got there, try possibly putting an earvana compensated nut on where the nut is. They are cheap and extremely useful. Also, you say you want new pickups for black/death metal.... Go on ebay and search for an EMG 81 or an EMG 85 or an EMG 60. Or look here: www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk
They all sound pretty metal

As for the colour, possibly a metallic black?

Hope I helped