This is a Brazilian band that I belive isn't very known. I'd like to show you guys about this great band. It's progressive metal/shred pretty similar to DT although with less keyboard.."stuff" anyways, give it a listen:

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I've seen a video or two of them posted on this site, a duel between the guitar and bass. It was pretty well done from what I remember.
One of my more favoriter bands, I only have Temple of Shadows and a few other songs though. Actually I have the live dvd that came with ToS from the Rebirth tour too, they're awesome live.

This should probably go in the metal forum since they're power metal but I think it can slip in here too. For some reason not many people in the metal forum are into power metal :/
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they are powermetal with some prog influences maybe...not really a DT vibe imho...


I'm not really a big fan of them, Kiko's tone is bleh imo.
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true, they aren't very known.
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