Here's 2 riffs of mine.. They're sortive similiar, but not quite.. =P

The second one doesn't sound near as good in PTab as on an actual guitar, so I just got it the best I could... There's supposed to be a capo on the 4th fret, but it didn't sound right with "capo:4" so I made it capo:0 and 4 instead of open. =) It's repeated so it's not too short for you to tell what it is.
Thanks... They do sound bland on powertab, but when it's played on guitar it sounds a lot different....The distortion on the second one is supposed to be a lot fuzzier, slightly palm-muted... And the first one..Ehhhh...Don't know what to do about it. lol
The first one was a bit boring, but I think the second one has potential depsite a little bit of a screwed rhythm.
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Here's an updated version of the first riff....I hope it's better now.. I meant it to be relaxing and such, and it accomplishes that for me. =)
I prefer the first one, I think you accomplished that relaxing sound you were going for but definately needs expanding and some rythm changes if it were to become a song.