hey im a noob and I was wondering any songs I could play on the acoustic guitar to my class we have to present in 2 weeks what good beginner acoustic guitar should i learn?thanks for helping
Wrong forum but anyhow... I would recommend stuff from Eric Clapton's Unplugged album. The accoustic version of layla isn't that hard and sounds awesome.
^ I say do the opposite.

If you play a song nobody knows they will get bored quick and notice ALL of your technicall mistakes.
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i agree with silent. if you play a popular song, the people are gonna know what you're playing and point out all the mistakes. However, if you make up your own thing they wouldn't know the mistakes, so if you make a mistke but keep it cool they might not notice.
jack johnson is osme simplet barre chords if you want to give tyhat a go.
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