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killing in the name- rage against the machine

thats the song i always use for hockey.

My team just turns the volume all the way up and scream alltogether "**** YOU! I WONT DO WAHT YOU TELL ME!!!!"

it really intimidates the other team
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im guessing you mean songs that pump you up.....and for me alot of rage against the machine gets me into it but im not sure if thats good for training or whatever.

edit: ^^^that was pretty weird we said rage at the same time.
Try some AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N' Roses, Dropkick Murphys, Audioslave, you know hard rocking songs.

EDIT: Most of the material on System of a Down's latest albums pumps me up, try that. ie Hyptnotize, BYOB, and Lonely Day.
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Hell's Kitchen - Dream Theatre.

Damage Inc. - Metallica.
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Only and all AC/DC songs!

People who have agreed with me:

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Top 10 Shot of Adrenaline Songs

10.System Of A Down- Chop Suey
9. Rancid- Time Bomb
8. Green Day- Basket Case
7. Billy Talent- Red Flag
6. House Of Pain- Jump Around
5. Fall Out Boy- Dance Dance
4. Blur- Song 2
3. POTUSA- Lump
2. The Salads- Get Loose
1. RATM- Killing In The Name

as counted down by my local radio statiom

Nawh, that just makes me laugh....

I Don't Want to Change the World is a good one.
Some Thornley
Power Rangers Theme
i really like Fear- I love livin in the city, theres apparently two versions, i like the faster version though- something with a hard growl or fast punk rock,
my top 5
1. Welcome To Paradise-Green Day
2. Basket Case-Green Day
3. American Pie-Don Mclean
4. Walk This Way-Aerosmith
5. We Will Rock You-Queen
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As I Lay Dying- 94 hours, Forever, Confined, Through Struggle

Killwhitneydead- pretty much anything by them but the best is "Save your sermons for sunday so i can sleep this night off."

There are more but these are my favorites.
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Megadeth - Take No Prisoners
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hot girls, titty bars,titties,pussy,hot women,my hand,porn,and sex pump me up.

Oh you mean songs that get you pshyched????? Sunshine of Your Love-Cream and a ****load of other songs.

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Muse - Hysteria
Muse - Showbiz
Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes
Muse - Apocolypse Please
Muse - Plug in Baby
Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home
Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Coheed and Cambria - The Velorium Camper III: Al The Killer
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Parallel Universe
The Mars Volta - Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus
The Mars Volta - L'via L'Viaquez
Thrice - Of Dust to Nations
Thursday - Counting 5-4-3-2-1
Foo Fighters - No Way Back

Edit: Jesus, how could I forget...
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Tool - Ticks And Leeches
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Cigaro, Killing in the Name of, Immigrant Song, Welcome to the Jungle, etc...
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Rage Against The Machine-Bulls On Parade
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Suck My Kiss
Metallica-Seek and Destroy
The Who-My Generation
Children of Bodoms "Are You Dead Yet"

Lots of Rage against the Machine

And that heavy part of APC's "The Package"
Disposable Heroes - Metallica
A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation - Trivium
Now You've Got Something To Die For - Lamb Of God
Are You Dead Yet? (song) - Children Of Bodom
****ing Hostile - Pantera
Mouth For War - Pantera
This Love - Pantera
By Demons Be Driven - Pantera
People = **** - Slipknot
To The Threshold - Hatebreed
Stand Up - Steel Dragon
Black Shuck - The Darkness does the trick. I just like the into a lot.

Speaking of good intros,
The Swarm - At the Gates has a great into that gets me pumped up.
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This is my 5th account and I still havn't made any friends

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I Set My Friends On Fire by Aiden
Bleeds No More by Silverstein
Sixpounder by Children of Bodom
Knife Blood Nightmare by Aiden
I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today by Underoath
Darkest Hour by Scary Kids Scaring Kids
With a Thousand Words To Say but One by Darkest Hour
Devil In Jersey City by Coheed and Cambria
Calm Like A Bomb by RATM
Orion by Metallica
Ride The Lightning by Metallica
Joton by In Flames

those just about do it.

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Tool - Ticks And Leeches

Agreed. A lot of Tool can get me pumped up actually.

That and some Disturbed... I know, you guys might not like Disturbed but they have some good pump-up songs.
Fire it up-Black Label Society
any dragonforce song
RATM-killing in the name of
pretty much any rap song, sry to say, but it works
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My list:

Cowboys from hell - Pantera
Primal Concrete Sledge - Pantera
Battery - Metallica
No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne
Gets Me Through - Ozzy Osbourne
Miracle Man - Ozzy Osbourne
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9mm and a 3 Piece Suit by Catch 22.

Go ska.


Eye of the tiger.
Iron Maiden - Ghost Of The Navigator
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I played with Slash yesterday. It was super cool cuz we played some Nirvana and Britney Spears songs. Good stuff! I also taught him how to play Sweet Child O'Mine
Adrenaline rush songs:

Opeth - Leper Affinity
Nevermore - Final Product
Trivium - Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation
Pantera - Walk
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Thank-you For The Venom - My Chemical Romance
Red Flag - Billy Talent
Tubthumping - Chumbawamba (its the song that goes "i get knocked down but i get up agian your never gonna keep me down...")
Raise A Little Hell - Trooper
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