check out my link to see if i play good or not. i know that i only stay in a few frets but i move fast. there is a few parts where i get stuck and yeah u'll know them. you have to click on the link below and it will take you to my page. from there u have to click on videos right under the picture of me. click on the right one called "my little guitar solo" the one on the left is super distorted and the video is not good. so if u have time watch it and tell me what you think. im open to any remarks

Couldnt watch it because of the computer.

I was born in San Antonio too! I just hope you're a UT fan (and the spurs too of course)
it looks like u have some good technical ability. but other then that it didnt really do to much for me. uh get a metronome and perfect ur timing and rythm. also to me it seemed like u were just mindlessly going up and down the fret board trying to go as fast as u can playing different little licks u learned. try to put some emphasise on melody and phrasing. and inbetween each phrase of ur melody throw in some of that shreding. sorry if this sounds a lil condescending. wasnt meant to be. just yhought i give u an oppion since u asked.
You can go fast, but you need to keep better rythym.

Listen to this and tell me you enjoy it.

Point made. As the other guy said, not trying to be condescending. You are making the mistake alot of new shredders make... You wank. You sit there and you play a bunch of notes.
Melody, Melody, Melody friggin Melody, I know, its not easy to come up with something amazing of the top of your head, but in that whole solo, you didnt have one melodic thing at all, and it was, well.. bad.
Listen to some more melodic shredders like Satch, or maybe Vai. I'm trying to help, but I dont know how to explain it.

And, also.. clean up your picking..

No harm ment.