What is a good reach in number of frets. Like with index finger on the 1st fret what fret should I be able to reach with my pinky.

The reason I ask is because I am concerned I won't have enough reach. My hands are what I would consider kinda small and my pinky is pretty short.

To give you an idea...on the palm side of my hand...where my palm meets my wrist(where that crease is) to my middle finger is just a little over 8 inches and my pinky is a little under 4 inches.

This is gonna sound homo :P ... but if you could post your measurements that would be great.

Is someone with smaller hands at a disadvantage?
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Its all how you play, really. I don't have an exceptionally long reach myself and I've got at least average sized hands with somewhat long fingers. I can reach from the 1st fret to the 6th fret on a 24.75" scale neck.
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doesn't matter at all. don't stretch more than you need to.
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a good stretch is 1st fret to 5th, you should never have to stretch further than that
I can reach the 6th fret from the first as well and my hands aren't gigantic. It's really, REALLY rare that you'd ever need to stretch that far though.
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i can reach with my pinky (when my firrst finger is at 1st fret) the 6st fret but that is cause i am 1.95height and my fingers are really long but anyway make some exercises so your fingers can open more to push the frets

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I can reach from 1st to 7th, but you'll probably never need to go as far as 1st to 5th.
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a good stretch is 1st fret to 5th, you should never have to stretch further than that

+1. And that's only an extreme reach anyway. You may want to practice some stretches high up on the fret board, like past the 15th fret.
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You can learn to stretch more... The more you do it, the farther you'll be able to stretch.

Paul Gilbert wasn't able to stretch that much on his stringskips by magic, you know
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So what you are saying is that I shouldn't be severely disabilititated with my small hand size haha
Haha, I can get from the first fretbar to the beginning of the 8th fret on a 24.75 scale.

Not like it's useful, I just have huge paws.