I tried to lower the action on my Epi LP the other day because it hadn't been changed since I got it from the factory. The problem is that I now have a slight buzz on my low E string that wasn't there before. I've tried turning the screw in both directions, and I can't seem to get rid of it. Do I need to adjust my intonation saddles as well? Would that help? Approximately how low should it be with a set of Ernie Ball .10's on it?
It's not a big problem unless you have neck bow, which you shouldn't. It's okay as long as it doesn't buzz when you plugged in. Changing the string gauge might also help.
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Going back down to .09's? And, should I have the neck adjusted, since it hasn't been since I bought it?
You should always have a new guitar set-up after having it bought (by an expert, or yourself *obviously* if you're qualified). If you've neglected to do so, I'd highly reccomend it, however, I find that when lps are set up in shops, they like to raise the tailpiece a little high - be sure to drop that down (if they do that.) Regardless, you'l notice the immediate difference in how well it plays, and probably sounds, after having it set up. As for changing your strings, if you had changed to a higher guage string you should have had the neck set, it really should be adjusted a bit once you add that extra tension on the neck. The buzzing is fine, unless it's comming through your amp. If it's comming through your amp, then A) your action is too low, or B) your neck is contorted.
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Ok, thanks for the help. I'm going to call my local store tomorrow and see what they charge for a set up.