Poll: Which CD is better: Jupiter or Mars?
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12 71%
5 29%
Voters: 17.
I, as well as many others, just got the new Chili Peppers Album today. I've listened to it once, and it is amazing. I just wanted to know which people like more: the CD Jupiter or Mars? I personally liked Jupiter better.
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I like Jupiter; it has Dani California hahaha.
W/E; I feel the CD is beyond overrated; I don't even like it as much as I thought I would.
Only RHCP thread.
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nemesis8256 your the smartest guy in the forum to pick that, congratulations
How bout neither?
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I've only listened to Jupiter so far and here are some tracks I am really diggin so far:

Dani C
Hum de Bump
Shes only 18
Slow cheetah
torture me
Especially in Michigan
Wet sand
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Only RHCP thread.

umm.. no, this is a poll
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I said Jupiter because i havent listened to Mars yet.....
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