How should I tap so I make video game type noises? I've seen many videos where Buckethead does that, but what exactly is he doing differently. Does he just have a digital tone during those parts to help him? I can't imagine it is that.


EDIT: As a side note, in the music when there is a T for tap above the note and then another note after it not connected by a slur, do you tap and not pull off and just pick the note?
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press down on the strings right before the pickup and pick it. I dont know if this is exactly what you are looking for but it gives you a high pitched noise.
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a lot of it probably has to do with effects..

try no pulling off or hammering on. just turn the volume up and tap the note.
hes talking about the way buckethead does it... he does have a special tone but it isnt necessary. he uses 8 finger tapping so he goes extremely fast and its mainly in the choice of notes. you cant make sounds like that in a regular scale, hes probably just using chromatic (every single fret)
U can do an easier version of the 8 finger tapping, by just doing like two taps (not liek satch in midnight) but one tap quickly followed by the other. Mix and match frets the more atonal the better