yea I have a Schecter C1 Elite and the Seymour Duncans that are on it make it hard as hell to pick up pinch harmonics. I can play my friends Schecter wich has Seymour Duncan humbuckers and hit em just fine,same with my bands other guitarist guitar wich is a Washburn Dimebag series. So would I be best with buying some of the Humbuckers that are on my buddies Schecter or what is the best pickups or pinch harmonics/metal?

i have a shecter hellraiser with EMG 81 and 85. those things pick up harmonics like no ones business.

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I'm not 100% sure but high output pick-ups should help pinch harmonics, it definately will be good for metal. Your friends pickup may sound different in your guitar depending on the wood used.
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ya its more technique. I can get just as good pinch harmonics on my stagg as i can my 82 ibanez. Just use gain and practice.
Well I can do pinch harmonics,thats not the thing,I mean on other Guitars they pick up fine but on my Guitar they still sound but their really drown out. But the pickups make really anything sound that way so thats why im lookin for new,but also since we use pinch's like hell I was lookin for the highest output pickup I could get.
Yeah man I heard alot of good things about the EMG 81's and EMG 85's. Its a high output pickup designed for lead guitarists, and has very good sustain. There perfect for Rock and Metal. Ill probably get some for myself somtime, so I can replace the ****ty EMG-HZ pickups I have in my Jackson DXMG.
Well, Ive always heard EMGs are best for those. But if you can actually do them, you should be able to do it on anything.
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Well, Ive always heard EMGs are best for those. But if you can actually do them, you should be able to do it on anything.

yeah dude. you can do it with no distortion at all. you dont need it cranked to 11 to do it.
^or an acoustic.
people dont think about the strings either. i could do pinches way better on my ernie ball strings than i can on my dr strings. its just a matter of getting used to.
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