say i was pick all the strings from low e to high e i would pick constantly down as if sweeping instead of picking each one by taking the pick away and then pickign again.when i come back to the low e string would i pick each on or do the same sweep strumm like thing but upstroke it? thanks
depends if u want to sweep, or pick them individually

guessing that u did a sweep the first time.. uh? do another sweep back up?
meow :3
if you are sweeping then come back like you went down, if not, then pick every string on the way down and up.
ahh sorry i postd this twice cus i thought it didnt work uh oh. moderators can delete the other one if they need too
Umm ok sounds good so anyways would would they most common way to do it be probably sweeping it? I need to know this for songs like the call of the ktulu and diary of a madman