well i been working on this today, and i know i need another verse otherwise it songs kinda poemish, but let me know what you think

All I Need

Over the hill, down in the valley
A little dirt path, leads straight to you
It?s not so traveled, by many other
Persecution, lies in its wake
But if you?re strong, others will follow
You just need to, lend a helping hand
& Show that your heart is, like the others
Broken and shattered, on the ground

As I walk down, this little dirt path
All the others, continue to ask
Why I follow, without a guide
I laugh and say, it?s what I believe inside
I continue on, this little dirt path
Picking up strangers, along the way
They?re not quite sure, what to believe
I just say, come and follow me

(Either bridge or the only time this chorus is sung)
It?s not me that you need to believe
I just relay the message you need
Have faith in what you believe
He?ll come back for you and me.