Hello everyone. I've been playing guitar since 2001-2003 (Bad memory, sorry lol), and started out with some "Peavey Raptor" that I can barely remember. Black, pretty cheap ($100 Canadian). I then got an all black "B.C. Rich Warlock" (Bottom of the line I am assuming) which I have now.

I saw a guitar in the local guitar shop that's closest to me (An hour is local in this situation lol), which happen's to be a "Jay Turser JT-SFV-NA" (Or that was the model name thingy the salesman gave me). Anyways, I got to do my job shadowing, work experience thing at this guitar shop, and got to work with some of the guy's there. Now, I can recall them laughing and joking about "Jay Turser" guitar's (If my hearing was correct), so I was just wondering, are these Jay Turser guitar's bad? Like cheeply made and low quality sound and what not.

Just to let you know, I wouldn't say I am great or even quite good at playing guitar. I would consider myself just below or at the level of advanced haha. I don't know a whole lot about guitar's themeselves, as in, pickups, locker's, different type's of wood and whatever stuff is probably good to know. I just go by sound pretty much. I usually play my guitar in a Drop-D tuning and have the tone set to a more bassier sound. I tend to play rythm stuff more then I would solo, or I guess that would be lead. I have a hard time moving my finger's that fast, but that could be do to my small hand's lol. Probably, I hope. I wouldn't mind being able to move my finger's like Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammet, or those extremely gifted guitarist's whose name's I can't spell lol. Anways, that's beside's the point haha.

So ya, if anyone could answer that main question for me, "Are Jay Turser guitar's bad? (Like cheeply made and low quality sound and what not)", then that would help a great bunch. Thanks!
I have a Jay Turser and it's a great starter guitar, but for someone with 2 guitar already, I'd got for ESP LTD.
i bought one in january..it plays amazing and i love it. they're a little neck heavy, but its no big deal
But do Jay Turser make low quality guitar's? And for answer "hckfrk38", I don' know how much an ESP LTD, but it sound's somehwhat like what Dave Mustaine play's if I remember correctly. All I know is that I don't have a lot to spend, and if I can't get a decent trade in deal on my Warlock, then I will just keep it and save up for this JT. And just to make thing's clear, I only have the Warlock. I traded in the Raptor sometime ago. I do have some Yamaha Acoustic though (Nylon string's I believe)
THey are mid-quality guitars. US company, but I beleive they are made in China or Korea. It lasted my a year and a hlaf now without repairs. Just buy one of the High-end Jay Tursers and change the pickups. YOu'll be ready to go.
Jay Turser guitars can be really great, if you find the right one that is. There older modles are usually better too.
As a proud Jay Turser J-34 owner, HELL YES they are great guitars! You will be really happy with it. Enjoy!
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