I was listen to dani california and I can't figure it out ( don't tell me the tabs) But I guees I just can't seem to get it how am I supposed to be able to learn A song from the radio HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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watch the video man, when you catch the chords or the positioing, try to make sense of the key it is in. If there is no video, look it up, if you don't want to look it up practice ear tuning and getting aquainted with the tones and pitches. That is the best I can tell you, It works for me..................Sometimes
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Theres several lessons on UG about it found at


one of them is


It just takes practice I guess, i'm ok at it sometimes - but i don't attempt it as often as i would like to. Good luck
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Use your ear
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Personally, I open it in Audacity then go select bar by bar and loop it until I figure it out, then move onto the next bar and so on (and go through the thing to check my progress every so often)
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jeez....... i feel bad for you man cuz i can pretty much do that all the time without fail, just keep practicing, eventually your ear will get used to different notes and you'll know the key a song is in w/out even thinking about it...... my best bet is to listen to it a couple times and try to relate the notes to songs you already know, or at least start by trying to pick out the key its in (major/minor/lydian/etc etc etc) which would prolly be easier than specifically picking the key out (Cmajor/Aminor etc etc etc) and then once you know the key type, try to figure out the key name.... a pentatonic,c pentatonic, g pentatonic.... practice, i would prolly actually start of and just try to find the first note and you can prolly figure out the rest of the scale from there to if neither of those work....