I was wondering something about the upcoming Keith Moon film. If you click on "more" under credited cast, it says "Original Music by Pete Townshend." Does this mean he will be composing new music specificaly for the film, or is it just crediting him for the pre-existing Who songs that will be in the film? I really hope Townshend writes new stuff for the soundtrack.
I think that Mike Myers is playing Keith Moon, it might have been a joke. I'm just telling you all I know
I've known about Mike Meyers playing Keith Moon for a long time, and Daltry is one of the producers. I was just wondering if by "Original Music by Pete Townshend" they mean he is writing new stuff.
Well, chances are the music in the film was "originally" written by Pete Townshend. So I'd say no. Nothing new.... But Pete and Roger are writting and recording again. So there will be a new Who album.
What's up with all the movies about dead rockstars coming out? Has anyone heard about the Jimi Henrix bioepic. I think Quentin Tarantino is directing.
There's a dylan and ozzy movie coming out too.

EDIT: In think that Even stevens kid should play pete

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Well, I was looking at the CSI Imdb, and Pete Townshend is on it for writing the themesong, but he is under "Non-Original Music." Under the Keith Moon Imdb he is under "Original Music." So does that mean he is doing the soundtrack?
David Thewlis is the absolute perfect 1978 (time of movie) Pete
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