Hey guys, i've finally narrowed down my choices and will go check out these guitars/amps this sat..

1. Schecter S-1 Elite
2. Ibanez Sz720Fm
3. PRS SE Custom
4. Any more you guys want to suggest?

Tuning I use most of the time: Drop D, but i'm also okay with standard
Bands I love to play: Avenged sevenfold, Breaking benjamin, Metallica, AC/DC, Green Day, Trapt, Chevelle, Megadeath, Black Sabbath

1. The traynor blue
2. G-dec by fender of course
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I've got the Schecter C-1+, and while it's definitely no S-1 Elite or PRS, I'd recommend the brand. Can't go wrong with PRS... personally I freaking hate Ibanez electrics.


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schecter over the ibanez, unless you get the sa model. Thin mahogany body, hss, floating trem.


edit: definetly go wit hthe traynor, fender amps below 800 are usually not that good (speaking from experience here)
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1. Ibanez- I've heard so many good reviews on it, and ibanez was my first guitar and it never let me down. THe only negative thing is: The Drawings on the fretboard, like on the 12th fret, it might confuse me as im doing solos.

2. PRS SE's- I've heard some good reviews on it, My favorite band plays PRS, the only downside: People keep telling SE's are crap and arent worth it, and the fat neck..oh yeah i gotta check that out cause what if this fat neck doesnt let my hand wrap around it!

3. Schecters- I've heard so many good things about it, A7X uses them, My friend has one and its beautiful.. the only downside: is nothing really, just that ill still have the PRS and ibanez in mind until i try it out

You guys know anywhere where i can geta good deal on a traynor?...which one is the best one, the traynor blue?
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
Go with the Schecter. Great guitars. You can never go wrong with them.
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