the metronome or whatever was a bit annoying.....

ok, guitar fades in......other guitar fades in.........that's a very nice effect, although I think you should turn up both guitars a little bit. And also cut back on the reverb, you sound like you're in a cave.

Harmonies were sutle, but very nicely done. This was great, catchy, and a good start for a song.

Check out my metal song, if you get the chance.
yeah, that metronome was loud, shouldve turned it down a bit. almost sounds like a techno beat .

I guess im a fan of reverb too, mustve been the mic though, because it didnt sound like that when i played it, heh.

btw, this i recorded 4 seperate tracks. Metronome, lead1, lead2, and my power chord backing. thanks for the crits though, im thinking about turning this into a song with my band.
on a topic of how you would like to be buried...

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in a coffin, underground, next to my wife.

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Me too. But only if she's alive.