I have played on a 15 watt crate for the 2 years ive played guitar and i recnetly started a band with some of my musical friends. We are probably going to be playing at my school and church and maybe some coffee shops when we get better.

So im wondering is 30 watts of tube power loud enough for this. Sorry i really dont know much about tube amps so any advice, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated
I just got one today. It depends on how big the spot you're playing is and how loud your drummer is. It's loud as hell in a bedroom.
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1) The AD30VT isn't a tube amp. It's not even a real hybrid. It's a solid state amp with a preamp tube installed in the power amp section to color the distortion.

2) I wouldn't play out with it without replacing the stock speaker first. The factory Vox speaker SUCKS.

3) Yeah, it's probably loud enough.
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well if u have enuff money i would save for a higher end vox like the 50 or 100 they both got better speakers or save and get a nice peavey valveking half stack for like $800 and its 100W all tube
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