Ok it has a remote in right? I have an odd question. I have a DS-1 and i dont really won't use it once the DS-2 gets in, but since it is a pedal, thus having a switch, could I possibly use it as the remote footswitch instead of buying the FS-5L that they recommend?

Just to make it clear I dont want the effects of the DS-1..I just want to use it as a switch for the two remote switchable channels supported by the DS-2. Is it possible?

Oh and my ds-1 has a very whiney kind of sound..like..barely useable cause it's just not the deep distortion I expected..does the DS-2 improve on this or should I look into another pedal.
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^Not without modding the pedal significantly.
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sell the DS-1 and get a Boss FS-5L footswitch. I also have the DS-2 and that footswitch works like a charm as its a latch type