This is a new song I did tonight thats pretty short (2:30) w/ vocals. The lyrics and singing kinda suck but I liked the groove of the song. Don't really love my solo, but wtf you know. Crit for crit of course. It's titled "So Plain Blues" on my dmusic page:

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wasnt too bad...ur singing isnt as bad as u made it out. solo was a bit boring. and turn up the audio levels i had to turn up my speakers quite a bit to hear it properly.
^What he said about the audio levels. My speakers are on full and it's still a bit quiet. Ho hum, it's a funky little tune though. At the start, I'm not sure the lead sounded too great, but I think it sort of grew on me... As did your voice. It seems to get better as the song goes on, like you're finding your confidence. The solo's not that boring... It fits the song, which is simple and upbeat.

I really like it, as funky little tunes go
Great vocals on Under the bridge, little quiet at first. Now im listening to plain blues, cool feel to it, your not really singing though you are just talking, but I like the feel to this!

Nice work
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thanks for the crits. I'll probably remaster it when I have some time. Yeah I just wasn't feeling the solo groove when I did that song, so I went with really simple palm muted stuff and then two semi-quick runs. I thought it atleast fit the song though. I'm working on my singing right now, like fuzzybunny said I am a bit unsure when I sing. I might have a friend redo it though, he has a really deep rough voice (which I think would be perfect for this song) and also helped write half the lyrics. If anyone wants some crits back just leave a link.
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Do black people attract more dust too?