I just got a bass and bass amp (finally), and I want to know what are some good songs to play by yourself, when you have nobody to jam with.

I'm into a wide range of music, but keep in mind I am a beginner.

I like everything from Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Death Cab For Cutie, Children Of Bodom, Rancid, 311, AFI, RHCP, Beatles ... etc.
Yeah, true .. Thanks for the advice.

I just kind of want to know something extremely catchy, and easy to pick up.
Extremely catchy and easy to pick up? Try learning the Stu Hamm bass solo from the Live from SF or whatever it's called. Just type in 'bass solo' in the tabs search and it'll be under Satriani or something. Anywho, it's a fun and catchy bassline/solo that's fairly easy for the most part.
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learn some primus, and a good song of theres is powermad!

i second that and tommy the cat by primus and maybe (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth by metallica.

EDIT: i didnt see the part about being a beginer so maybe if you try really hard you could play one of thoes but idk.
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My favorate songs for jamming on bass are The Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin (Em) and Soul to Squeeze by Red Hot Chili Peppers(Fmaj)
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Flame me if u want but the bass riff in Nookie p0wns!

yea the bassist for limp bizkit is quite good actually...not the most technical guy in the world nor the best but I really like his stuff...

I really like the bassline in "rearranged" by LB...

Some other good, catchy, not-too-hard-to-play (intro) basslines are...
"Schism" by Tool
"Peace Sells" by Megadeth (the intro is great fun...the rest is good if you like the band/song if not its like w/e)
"My Friend of Misery" by Metallica
"Severed" by Mudvayne (tuned down to B...awesome intro, bass-oriented breakdown, great finger tapping interlude, and kickass slapped 2nd verse)
"Anti-Pop" by Primus (One of Primus' easier songs...Really fun and easy intro/verse bassline)

The intro is he highlight of most of those songs but they are good all the way through....I seriously recommend listening to Severed even if you dont like the band or "nu metal" or w/e...Download the guitar pro file or something and hear the bass in that song...or just download the song...the bass playing is freakin great...
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I might get some crap for this, but Green Day basslines rock.
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i found that if you just take some short riffs and solos and piecem together,
you dont tend to bore people as quick ex/ half of pullin teeth, and the solos from rhcp's aeroplane and naked in the rain
u might wanna learn some scales too
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u might wanna learn some scales too

people always try to skip the basics and get straight to te fun.


learn the chromatic scale to build speed, and learn alot of jazz and whatnot for rhthm. you will find it hard to find easy and catchy songs, but it is fun and easy to learn some cool jazz licks while practicing speed and rythym
Try some basslines from the first two Led Zep albums - they're simple enough to pick up quick but enough variations to spend ages learning and get a load of different techniques.
gorillaz-feel good inc. (easyness)
sabbath- iron man
deep purle-smoke on the water
the clash- should i stay or should i go
mabey sum ramones stuff to help w/ playing fast(ish) and keeping good time...have fun
Learn chick magnet by mxpx, that was the song i started with all those years ago, although they were popular back then.

I feel ska riffs from bands like reel big fish can be really good for a beginner-intermediate, like try skatanic, although they can also be a bit tricky.

Really, you want catchy but i'd just start by doing some simple stuff like blink etc to get the time keeping element right. Move on to all the hard stuff after you can keep that simple 4444 7777 in time.. lol. No point doing the catchy things straight away if they sound sloppy and tempo changes to much.

Learn the chromatic, major and minor scale as a starting point as well, and maybe some nice old classics like 12 bar blues.