I have asked a few people about the Boss Metal Zone pedal and the Digitech
Death Metal pedal
Most people say the Boss is the much better pedal but i'm worried it won't have
heavy enough distortion
My question is Will the Boss have heavy enough distortion to play
Music like Children of Bodom's, Atreyu's and Parkway drives?
boss metal zone for you! the death metal will be too much for you IMO, you'll benefit more out of a boss metal zone because death metal has a very distinct tone to it, which doesn't support the music you are playing. Children of Bodom just boost mids, thats pretty much all you need to get their tone. But if it were me, i'd screw buying a metal distortion pedal and go for a heavier amp, something tube, what amp do you currently have?
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if youre worried that the MT-2 wont have enough distortion...then...idk...its so rediculous i cant even think of anything clever, witty, or sophisticatingly smart-assed to say about it!

Now i hate the MT-2. i think its just a pedal that beginners go out and buy then they take it home and crank the Distortion up all the way and bust out their favorite Metallica song and think "holly hell this pedal makes me sound awesome!" when in reality all the pedal is doing is masking how horrible they really are because all thats REALLY happening is one huge sloppy sounding distortion fest!!!!!!!!!!!!

but yeah. I vote the MT-2 for you.
Boss mt-2

Digitech doesn't sound natural it's ****
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i'd go for the Metal Master by Digitech.
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Neither are great, but Boss is better.
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go for the MT-2 its, its tried and tested by many
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^ i loathe that pedal. its midless and fuzzy. ****ing horrid. imo though.
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well it depends how you use it...and tweak your amp when using it
one should not feel threatened by opinions contrary to his own