Since going it alone from my band about a year ago Ive been having trouble trying to find somewhere to gig. All the gigs I do get are playing support for friends bands, for example - in a couple of weeks i am playing but it is on a bill with a black metal band - a thrash metal band and a power metal band. You get the idea? I need to get gigs doing support for artists more in the genre of music I play, I just dont know how. To get an idea of my music check out www.myspace.com/chrisbath24
What you need to do is find a band, in which you can be part of for a couple of years, and make sure you make a record with them. This can be send to café's and stuff and they will hire you guys if you're good and not too expensive. This way you can make your own music, and play where you like. Btw, no shame at all to form a band, find a drummer, singer, second, guitarist, maybe a bass player and done!
Get A Band. Make A Demo And Bio. Send It To Different Venues You Would Like To Play At. Also Send To Any People You May Think Know People That May Need A Band Then Just Wait..
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...............i was in a band for years but now I want to go it alone (not having to rely on other people)
Go to pubs, clubs, cafe's etc and offer to do a small gig free with a view to a regular spot if it goes down well and they like you.