well any deluxe model is totally kickass

but what are you looking for wood? trem? pups? color? neck joint?
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i rekkon the dan jacobs dj600, good pickups, nice neck, plus the after burner switch i think (not sure).
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p.s. the dj600 is cool, but i hate dan jacobs. lol. He doesn't play his solos properly live... he just plays simple, cut down, or slower versions.

He does play a couple of them as on the album though i'll give him that.. but in my opinion why put something on the album if you can't play it live?
lol i'd never buy the dan jacobs are you kidding me? That rediculously cheesy bloody explorer? Besides I already have a Gibson Explorer Gothic atm, so I'm not really looking for a similar one.
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Hey you look kind of like me.

Except for the sexy man goatee, and kickass shades. And sweet guitar.

I'm jealous.
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1000 series(EC, Viper, H)

or the Hammet Signature

I heard some the Hammet series guitars were junk (was looking into them myself), are they any good?

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