First one..

If you take some of the power tubes out of a head, does it lower the wattage?

i.e. a 40w amp with 4 power tubes.. remove 2.. does that make it 20w?

(someone said it on another post and i was wondering if it's bull****)


Are 4x12 cabs louder than 2x12 cabs? or do they just spread the sound better?
yes, you can take tubes out of a head to lower the wattage, but only in multiples of two and you definitely CANNOT if it is cathode biased

4x12s are not that much louder than 2x12s if they are louder at all, but they do spread the sound much better (depending on the cab and speakers)
Its usually the outside power tubes leaving the two middle ones. That what I got told but im not sure its %100 true. Anyone know for sure as I wouldnt mind trying this?
i heard that as long as its symmetrical i.e. inside two or outside two, its fine
Yea it's gotta be the 2 inner or the 2 outer.

I've just read up on it on the net and it really does work. You can take 2 of your power tubes out so it's quieter for practicing at home.. then if you play a gig you just put them back in.

Are 4x12's definitely the same loudness as 2x12s?