Ok my Epi Les Paul Standard arrives next week and I'm going to have to get an amp now. I've not played for a while but looking to get back into it and have a few mates to jam with, whether this leads to gigging who knows but definately need a good amp to jam with.

Simply put I love the crunch of a Marshall, some of my most listened to music is Metallica, Led Zep and G'N'R (a love a hell of a lot more but they are my favourite 'guitar' bands) so I'm fairly keen on a Marshall. I'm open to suggestions too as I have heard a Vox AD50VT and liked it, although nowhere near as much as some all tube Marshalls I have played.

So far I'm down to the following (all in Aussie dollars and pretty much the cheapest I could find and I have looked a bit)

Marshall DSL401 $1349
Marshall TSL601 $1349 (new, clearance stock)

Is the DSL a better series or something????

I can also source a Vox AD50VT for $570, would that be a smarter purchase considering the price difference? The missus says don't bother with the Vox as I'll just bitch about not getting a Marshall (she doesn't know the first thing about them but she knows me all too well)
The DSL only has 2 channels with shared EQ but the TSL has 3 channels all with there own EQ and as far a im aware there virtually the same amp. Go with the marshall, listen to the missis, There not often right but on this ocassion she is! Ive had two DSL heads ant they're good for just about anythin. Really nice clean sounds to. Shouldnt have any trouble gettin what you want out of it.
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yeah I agree with Jonny. To me, alot of HEAVY metal bands use Vox instead of marshall. But if you perfer the crunch that only Marshall all-tube amps give, then get a marshall. I perfer the TSL because it has 3 channels with their own EQ curver.
Sweet cheers guys, I guess if the only difference between a DSL and a TSL is the extra channel and EQ options then the TSL601 is a cert if it's the same price as the DSL401.

Will the TSL601 be ok for gigging aswell if things head that way later? Cause if I spend that much I don't want to be replacing it any time soon.
Whether or not you can gig with it depends on where you play. In my area, every club I've played in has a house PA system, so the amps are mic'd and run through that. But without a PA, you're basically competing with the rest of the band to be heard. For tube amps, 50 watts is a good starting point, generally loud enough to be heard over a band without a PA, but capable of sounding HUGE through a PA.

If you want tube tone but aren't sure about spending the money on a Marshall, check out other brands. Many Marshall (and other tube amp) players use overdrive pedals to boost the amp distortion anyway, which can result in many different amps sounding very similar. Another option is a separate preamp (or pedal) and power amp. I have quit using traditional head or combo amps recently, and instead just run my pedalboard (distortion, EQ, delay) straight into a tube power amp, and it's the best tone I've ever had.
^ Exactly, you'll be cool with pub gigs n stuff with the marshall anywhere bigger and you'll be hooked up to a P.A and with a decent sound guy and the TSL the crowd will think your playin through a stack!
Sounds to me like the TSL601 is the amp I should get. Damnit this means overtime for the next month or so of Saturdays :P

Thanks heaps guys, I agree with what you've said but I was getting impatient and started looking at Vox's but I think I'll wait and save. I have a [SARCASM]kickarse MG 15W[/SARCASM] here that'll have to do for a few more weeks.
Took the plunge today and used what was going to be the money for a Vox AD50VT and instead put a deposit on a Marshall TSL601. I never got to play it but I loved the DSL I've heard and from what I gather it should sound similar, to my ear probably identical. With a bit of luck better than the 15W MG I have now :P. My Epi is ready to be picked up tomorrow.