hey guys

im playing heavy metal here

( trivium , metallica , unearth )

and i need help from you guys to which will i buy

i know that mt-2 have thinner distortion than the md-2

but will md-2 make good solos? are they too much bassy?
counterpart of mt-2 which have lots of treble..
and i also know that mt-2 have longer sustain but
will md-2 get good solos too?

i need a beefy solo + a very low end distortion..

thank you guys.. !! ur replies will greatly help me..
Depends on what kind of tone you look for in your solos. I use plenty of bass and plenty of mid but cut back the treble on my lead tone. That plays well with a dimarzio tone zone in the bridge and PAF in the neck and it gives me an extremely "fat" sound which is what I like.

I also use the MT-2 .. with similar settings. Treble on 5, Bass on 8, Low mid on 8 and High mid on 5-6. I haven't used the md-2 but I wouldn't be afraid of the bass. As long as you can accompany the bass with plenty of mid-tone you'll have a sound that will cut through. Of course if you don't like that much bass then maybe the MT-2 is a better option since it gives you way more control over the EQ. But again, I haven't played the MD-2 so I don't know for sure.
well, the mt-2 is definitely your answer. i've managed to get trivium's exact tone with my mt-2 along plugged into some sh!tty behringer GM108 amp and damn that thing rocks like hell. some of tones that you can get out of thing stompbox itself and practically endless if you have the patience to sit there and carefully tweak the EQs. from my own personal experience, the presets that came with the manual really weren't that good, so i had to sit there one night and tried slowly adjust the EQs, and before i knew it, the tone i came up with totally matched trivium's and avenged sevenfold's tone. but not only is this built for metal, but you could also get rock and blues tones out of this.

hope this was helpful
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