Hey kids,

Sorry for the clichéd thread, but opinions count and it's the best way to find out stuff!

I'm looking for a new guitar, wondering if you could help me out. I've just joined a new band that's quite a departure from my current one, so I need some new gear.

Looking for a guitar that would work for atmospheric, spacey, indie/post-punk rock... See the Cure, U2, Angels and Airwaves, et al.

It probably needs to be something slightly meaty - correct me if I'm wrong - to balance out the fact that the sound won't be too gainy, so as the tone doesn't sound too thin...

Suggest away, and thanks in advance.
I personally dislike the UltraCure. A Les Paul standard would be pretty good, if you can afford it. It sounds quite meaty, but clear. Works best with natural overdrive. Doesn't handle excessive distortion too well, but is good for the styles you mentioned.
If youre into metal and shred like me, i'd recommend for the higher preice budget
$600-$1000, any dean models, especially the dime ones, i got the dime razorback and its ****ing amazing, and for a lower price budget $200-$600, an ibanez prestige which costs like 400 i think, is perfect, my friend has had one for a few months and its beautiful in sound and looks, plus the floyd rose trem is always a cool bonus...
A Les Paul or some sort of Schecter would be nice. C-1 Elite maybe?
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most fenders aren't meaty though.. he wants something meaty.

He likes U2 and he wants something meaty... a les paul would be perfect. Or some kind of good quality copy.
Perhaps an epihpone(or Gibson, depending how much your going to spend) Es-335 . Nice look to it and Im sure it sounds great for those bands
Look into some sort of Les Paul. They have the "meaty" sound that you're looking for.
if your on a budget, theres always the epiphone elitest les paul... around as good, and a whole lot cheaper too