I have been accepted to study A Level music at my local college and was just wondering if anybody here has already done it or is currently studying for it?

If so, can you give me an idea of what to expect and what's involved?

Many thanks.

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The drummer in my band is doing his A2 music exams in a couple of weeks i think.

For AS level I think u have to do 2 compositions. one on your instrument of choice and one in a group situation. and then some written exams.
For A2 he was telling me that he had to compose a musical score for a movie/storyboard sort of thing and again w/ exams. He says it's q hard work but he enjoys it.

I would have liked to do music but I started playin too late. I started just after my GCSE's and didnt have the neccessary qualifications to take the course. good luck with it btw
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