i wanna change my pickguard on my strat but it looks really bad if i have white pickups so i was just wondering if you could paint it, i know its a noobish question and i dont think its going to work but anyway.
i dont see any reason why not. it wont interfere with the pickup at all ( i think).
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you could use krylon paint, or some other special plastic paint. or you could leave them white( I think it looks greta that way). or you could go to the music store and shell out a few bucks for some covers. they will likely have them in some drawer of the repair department
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really, thats awsome, but doesnt it effect the sound.

As long as the paint doesn't contain metal it won't affect the sound.
take the covers off. if you just paint the covers, it'll be just fine. i did it. one tip: don't use too many coats of paint, or you can't get them in the spots in the pickguard.
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Yeah, take hte covers off, sand it a bit with some 200 grit, spray a primer, color, and then clear. No need to buff, but dont' use too many layers of paint.