Hello, I just had a question regarding Tube amps form eBay. Have any of you bought one off eBay before. I am planning on getting a Dual Recto in the next few months and I'm torn between paying full price at my local shop or saving some money by getting it off eBay. I figure that any amp i buy at a retail store had to be shipped to the store so its not like you can't ship tube amps without them being damaged and as long as the seller form eBay packs it well it should be ok. Any opinons? Also, which version, the older 2 channel or newer 3 channel sounds better. I heard many people say that the older 2 channel ones sound better. Is there any truth to this? Thanks.
if he is part of a somewhat big time company it can be either good or bad. he might be experienced or might not care because he deals with so many amps.

if it is a single person. odds are they will be less experienced, but will care more.

so, in summation, my rules mean nothing and cancel each other out. you should check his feedback and contact some of his previous amp buyers
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MIA Fender HotRod DeVille 212 (60W) for US $400, although old (since new ones are now MIM) it looked new or Mint condition. I remember that it was double-boxed ... the amp sat on the styrofoam thingies for the corners, bottom, and top, and the box sat inside a bigger box surrounded by styrofoam peanuts. The tubes were removed and packed separately. So far, no issues.
I got a Gibson Ga-15RV off ebay recently. It came in wonderful condition, extremely well packaged and in working order. Just check their feedback and see other peoples comments on him/her.
Like already mentioned, I was looking at a tube amp listing and the seller mentioned that they would remove the tubes when shipping the amp. Sounds like a good idea.
i bought a marshall jcm2000 dsl 100 off ebay recently for $955 including shipping but as soon as i got it i had to change the power tubes